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Our Customers are saying.

-Jonathan S
"Highly recommend Andy's Chicken. The honey garlic and sweet chili are the go-to for me and my wife!"

-Mollee D
"Being Korean myself, I love fried chicken! This place hits the spot. I even got my co-worker hooked on it. Now only if they could serve beer."

-Nicolas F
"I go with my wife to this nice place quite often! This is the best place to to have a good dinner.  I go there frequently. The meals are excellent, the crew is polite and the prices are fair. I like being in this place for a nice meal."


-Alicia D
"Fried chicken is superb!! Fries are wonderfully crunchy and tasty."


-Forrest G
"Awesome food, helpful staff, regularly excellent character. They charge affordable pricing and the food quality is good. Highly recommended."



-Finola P
"If only there were more stars to give!!!!!
Hands down the best fried chicken my husband and I have had in our lives!!!! So magnificently crunchy and not at all salty or oily! Absolutely amazing"




"Excellent restaurant - we order here often! Good value, excellent service, finest tasty food!! Highly recommend Andy's Chicken!"


"Deliciously double fried!!"


"Love the food, consistently good"


"Clean, great service & delicious food."


"Andy's chicken is the best chicken I've ever had. I scream it from the rooftops."


"Legit life changing"

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